Bai Yun
Bai Yun
Bai Yun in 2008, eating Bamboo


September 7, 1991




Shi Shi and Gao Gao


Hua Mei,Mei Shang, Su Len,Zhen Zhen and a boy cub

Bai Yun was born in Wolong Giant Panda Research Center on September 7, 1991. Her name means White Cloud. Bai Yun was the first successful birth at the Wolong Giant Panda Research Center. In September of 1996 Bai Yun and a male panda named Shi Shi moved to the San Diego Zoo. In the Spring of 1999 the Zoo artificially inseminated sperm from Shi Shi into Bai Yun. Then of August 21,1999 Bai Yun gave birth to the first surviving panda cub in the U.S. The cub was a female named Hua Mei. Then in 2003 the Zoo replace Bai Yun mate Shi Shi with Gao Gao and her daugter Hua Mei move to china. The two quickly mated and at the end of the Year Bai Yun gave birth to Mei Shung. Two years later Bai Yun gave birth to Su Lin. In 2007 Mei Shung left for China and Bai Yun gave birth again, to Zhen Zhen. Bai Yun recently gave birth again to a male cub.

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